To be the go-to company for anyone investing in industrial scale and socially responsible Indian farm and food ventures.

To generate sustainable financial returns and contribute to the development of rural India, thereby ultimately improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmers.

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To build and sell world-class ventures that modernize the Indian food supply chain and adjacent sectors while accelerating rural prosperity.

Our in-depth expertise and passion lie in business-opportunity identification and conceptualization, on-the-ground pilot execution, and subsequent exit to an ideal strategic partner.

We are uniquely positioned to overcome many of the obstacles and challenges faced when trying to start up new enterprises in India.

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We are the leading company in India that exclusively focuses on building green field ventures within the agri- and food-supply chains.

Full cycle focus:
We systematically ideate, conceptualize, and execute until we exit to generate sustainable financial returns and create significant social impact.

Entrepreneurial approach:
We invest our money alongside our co-investors and combine Swiss precision with on-the-ground entrepreneurial execution.

Holistic value creation:
We focus on creating value for all stakeholders – investors, employees, farmers, and customers.

We rigorously de-risk our projects through secured, long-term commercial agreements, internally controlled and managed pilots, and collaborations with world-class strategic partners.

Governance, risk mitigation, and compliance (GRC):
We pursue a systematic approach to managing GRC-related strategy and implementation through highly professional boards set up for each project, as well as a strong internal legal team.

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P&P Entrepreneurial Services is now Pioneering Ventures, reflecting our evolution into a leading venture-development company specializing in large-scale profitable businesses in under-served sectors in India.


2004: Ron Pal incorporates Pal & Partners with a focus on feasibility and M&A for Swiss and German SMEs going to Asia

2007: Commercial launch of Desai Fruits and Vegetables

2009: Opening Pal & Partners India branch to increase local execution capability

2014: Pal & Partners is renamed to P&P Entrepreneurial Services

2015: Commercial launch of Citrus Processing India

2016: Commercial launch of FarmLink

2015: Surpassing USD 100 mn threshold with co-investors in P&P developed projects

2016: Dr. Pablo Erat becomes partner

2016: Re-branding and institutionalizing P&P as Pioneering Ventures

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