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Global Dairy Industry Veteran Thomas Kunz joins MilkLane Board

29.03.2018: Company Announcement

MilkLane is delighted to announce the appointment of Thomas Kunz as a new Board Member. Thomas is a worldwide recognized leader and marketing expert within the dairy industry and was the global CEO of Danone Dairy and Danone Waters.

Thomas has been in the leadership role for over 18 years within the dairy industry and has vast experience across geographies such as Germany, Mexico, Argentina, USA and France. His role as the Board Member of MilkLane will help accelerate the ambitious plans of MilkLane in India. His rich experience, enthusiasm and high-level involvement are going to be a great advantage to the company and its stakeholders.

Thomas currently works as an independent investor, senior advisor and non-executive director and joined the MilkLane Board in March 2018.

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Goa Triathlon 2018

11.02.2018: Husband-wife, defending champions, Pablo and Lucia Erat of Switzerland retained their crowns in the 5th Goa Triathlon

Pablo Erat, Partner of Pioneering Ventures shares his thoughts after winning the race: Heart-warming and successful triathlon family event in Goa! The 5th edition of Triathlon Goa was a blazing success. Lucia and I brought home the overall victory in the male and female category, the organizers managed to create an authentic and very well-organized event which raised the bar for future events in India and all participants demonstrated a level of passion and camaraderie difficult to find anywhere in the world. Without the emotional support of Lucia and the heart-warming cheers from all the spectators - including the team and families from Pioneering Ventures and the fellow athletes, I would not have been able to pull it off. A big thank you goes to the race organizers and the volunteers for allowing us to enjoy such an epic event. We already look forward to next year’s triathlon in Goa, hopefully with even more participants from all around the world.

Pablo was joined by his enthusiastic team (Saurabh, Ravish, Chinmaya, Amit, Ramesh & Savita) as they took part in the Duathlon Category. Although the race seemed challenging, they were proud to cross the finish line. The experience they say, was exhilirating and life changing. Pioneering Ventures continues to encourage active lifestyles and health in our company and across India.

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PV staff participate in Mumbai Marathon 2018

21.01.2018: PV staff participate in Mumbai Marathon & are now gearing-up for Goa Triathlon

Few members of the PV team (Chinmaya, Ravish, Saurabh and Savita) were delighted to run for the first time in the Mumbai Marathon 2018. Running in the Dream Run Category 6.5 kms starting from Mumbai CST and finishing at Metro Theatre. Finishing the run and being able to challenge their own fitness goals was quite motivating for them.

As a company, Pioneering Ventures is dedicated to the production of healthy food and to promoting health in the society. We are now excited to participate in the Goa Triathlon. Pablo Erat, Partner of Pioneering Ventures and his wife Lucia are a unique couple sharing the passion for triathlon and a healthy lifestyle. Pablo has been an inspiration for the sports community in India for years and has won all the four editions of the Goa Triathlon so far.

In the midst of preparation, Pablo has a message for all the participants and the organisers.

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MilkLane raises INR 27 crore seed funding

4.12.2017: The dairy start-up controls end-to-end supply chain that ensures high quality milk for industrial off-takers and consumers

MilkLane, a dairy supply chain company, has raised INR 27 crore (USD 4 million) in pre-Series A funding from Pioneering Ventures, Schreiber Foods and ultra-high net worth families. The dairy-tech company plans to utilize this capital to expand its network of milk collection centers and strengthen its digital & analytics capabilities in the supply chain.

India is the largest milk producer in the world with millions working across the industry’s supply chain. Even then the sector largely remains unorganized with collection and distribution still underdeveloped. This has led to problems like poor quality milk which can be contaminated with antibiotics and toxins. MilkLane attempts to address these challenges by fundamentally transforming and modernizing critical stages of the entire supply chain. Its integrated procurement system helps maintain strong checks and preserves the freshness and quality of milk through effective amalgamation of technology. In addition to that, the company provides high-quality toxin-free cattle feed to mitigate health risks caused due to prolonged feeding of mould infested feeds/fodder which can contaminate the milk with aflatoxins.

The company manages the entire supply chain from farm to processing, applying real time IT enabled process monitoring and data analytics. MilkLane has deployed a comprehensive quality and productivity enhancement program including producer training and extension services and seeks the best quality at source. The company procures milk from selected dairy farmers and delivers it to industrial scale off-takers such as industrial processors, FMCG companies and milk product manufacturers.

The dairy farmers bring the milk to strategically located bulk cooling tankers, maintained at a temperature of four degrees Celsius, which preserves the freshness of the milk by inhibiting bacterial growth. The collected milk is then subjected to a series of tests, which include determining the fats & solids-not-fat (SNF) components and detecting the presence of antibiotics & aflatoxin contamination, to keep track of its safety and purity. Only when the milk meets the high standards set by MilkLane, it is then supplied further down the value chain.

“We aim to improve India’s dairy supply chain by applying international quality standards in technology and innovation to the ‘first mile’ of milk. We intend to create a pan-India network of industrial production units, village level bulk coolers and introduce IT-enabled solutions to provide a fresh, safe and steady supply of high quality milk to our partners in the industry”, said Gaurav Haran, COO of MilkLane.

MilkLane was founded by Pioneering Ventures, an incubator and accelerator of projects within the Indian agriculture and food supply chain space. Speaking on the occasion, Pioneering Ventures’ Director, Akshaya Kamath said,We intend to develop ventures that generate sustainable financial returns while contributing to the development of rural India, thereby ultimately improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmers in the country. From the well-being of the dairy farmer to providing high quality milk to the customers, MilkLane brings the best of both the worlds. We are excited to partner with them on this journey”.

After a year of preparation, MilkLane started its milk collection operations in January 2017 at Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, and within a span of six months reached an initial milestone of 85,000 liters per day.

“We go the extra mile for the dairy farmers with a holistic training program that educates and empowers them to realize their full potential. Our value-added services like enabling animal loans and insurance and providing veterinary supervision and breeding services are designed to ease their burdens and help them become independent entrepreneurs,” said Gaurav.

MilkLane helps dairy farmers by optimizing the land-labor-livestock balance, through feed and fodder management, genetics and young stock management, prevention of disease, reproduction management, manure & waste management as well as risk mitigation.

MilkLane is associated today with more than 8,000 dairy farmers to improve their yield and income. The company’s bulk cooler operators play a vital role in creating employment opportunities in rural India. Over the next decade MilkLane looks forward to improving the lives of more than a 100,000 dairy farmers by setting up over 1,000 bulk coolers.

For further details on the press release contact:

Savita Gupta, Pioneering Ventures | M: +91 9619198839| E:

Ashish Samal, Perfect Relations | M:+91 9920778076 | E:

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Official Inauguration of PV India office

10.11.2017: Pioneering Ventures inaugurates new office in Indiabulls Finance Centre in Mumbai

The celebration was spectacular as Deepak Parekh, Chairman HDFC inaugurated Pioneering Ventures India office in the presence of close industry friends from India, Singapore and Zurich.

This is a milestone moment paving way for continued investment in the Indian food supply chain whilst pursuing new business opportunities.

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Pioneering Ventures Tri Kids Goa 2017

29.10.2017: Pioneering Ventures is proud to sponsor Tri Kids Goa for the second consecutive year

The promotion of healthy lifestyles has always been an important engagement program for Pioneering Ventures. This endeavour is passionately led by Dr. Pablo Erat, PV Partner, a well-known Ironman Triathlete and four times winner of Goa Triathlon.

Quotes from the local newspapers said, “This year’s Tri Kids Goa was a resounding success with 110 participants from Goa and across India. Made memorable by the presence of Ironman Triathlete Pablo Erat of Switzerland”. When addressing the participants at the prize ceremony, Pablo emphasized that “every child and parent were winners today and that there is nothing more rewarding than to see the heart-warming smiles of children discovering the sport of triathlon and enjoying an active day on the track together with friends”.

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Protein rich cattle feed SuperPlus+ launched by MilkLane

11.09.2017: MilkLane has added its third variant of branded cattle feed called SuperPlus+ in an effort to continuously safeguard cattle and human health.

The SuperPlus + variant contains 3% Crude Fat and 20% Crude Protein and is supplemented with Calcium, Phosphorus and vitamins. SuperPlus+ a high quality toxin-free balanced cattle feed will help cows to yield more milk with higher total solids content in addition to other advantages like longer lactation cycle, regular breeding cycle of the cows.

The other two variants of MilkLane, Super and Special have already received good feedback from the BCOs and farmers.

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4500 farmers to benefit from MilkLane and BAIF’s Dairy Support Programme

07.06.2017: MilkLane and BAIF have come together to provide need based Dairy Support Programme to small and marginal farmers.

This programme will initially run for 5 years reaching out to nearly 4,500 farmers across 54 villages in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.  The aim is to provide breeding services and impart knowledge on best practices in dairy farming by holding camps and personal visits to dairy farmers. Key intervention areas would include quality breeding, vaccinations, deworming, infertility camps, adoption of improved fodder and herd management practices, skill enhancement and best practices to sustain clean and safe milk production.

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MilkLane is now offering proprietary cattle feed to dairy farmers

10.05.2017: In order to safeguard cattle and human health, MilkLane rolled out a high-quality toxin-free balanced cattle feed to mitigate the risks arising out of poor quality feeding.

Aflatoxicosis, (a condition caused by prolonged feeding of mould infested feeds/fodder) can cause liver disease, slower weight gain and impaired lactation cycle in dairy cattle. MilkLane branded cattle feed is available in two variants, Super and Special, with emphasis on requirement based nutrients for an average yielder and high yielder cows formulated by proper mix of quality cereals, grains, oilseed cakes and minerals.

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01.03.2017: Pioneering Ventures is delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Indiabulls Finance Centre in Mumbai

Due to continued growth in 2016 and the early part of 2017, we are extremely excited to open our new office for our team in India. The move is in conjunction with our continued investment in the rural ecosystem and the food supply chain, which enables us to respond to the growing needs of our customers and shareholders whilst pursuing new prospects in line with our strategic growth plan.

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Goa Triathlon

12.02.2017: Pioneering Ventures sponsors Goa Triathlon and fields 7 teams and 2 individual participants

We continue to encourage active lifestyles and health in our company and across India. This year we co-sponsored Goa Triathlon and were proud to have 25 own employees participate at the event. The teams put up a spectacular show with most of them improving their efforts from last year. This was an exciting year with Pablo Erat being targeted and actively chased by a special unit of very talented triathletes from the Indian Army.

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TRI Kids Goa

06.11.2016: Pioneering Ventures proudly sponsors triathlon event for children in India

As a part of our social responsibility engagement, Pioneering Ventures proudly sponsors the Tri Kids Goa sport event with the aim to promote healthy lifestyles, friendship and life skill in children, including those growing up in lower income families.

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FL Collection Center

17.10.2016: FarmLink opens full scale collection center in Manjarwadi

As a part of the expansion strategy, FarmLink opens its second full-scale collection center in Manjarwadi with the capacity to process 50 tons of fresh vegetables and fruits and ozone pre-washing capability.

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